Time planning Completed
Client DELTA Milieu
Location Nieuwdorp

The Project

At Tritech Solutions, we believe in sustainability. In the broadest sense of the word: developing future-proof and environmentally-friendly solutions on the one hand and establishing long-term customer relationships on the other. At our project for Delta Milieu in Nieuwdorp, it comes together nicely.

25 years of sealing landfills

More than two decades ago - in 1997, to be precise – the predecessor of Tritech Solutions (responsible for processing Trisoplast) provided the bottom lining of a new landfill section of the Noord- en Midden Zeeland landfill site. At the time, Trisoplast had only been around for three years and immediately showed its added value: fast on-site production, easy processing and rock-solid insulating properties.

Ten years and a big pile of waste later, in 2007, an intermediate seal was installed for this client on an old part of the landfill where they still wanted to continue dumping. Ten years later, in 2017, Trisoplast was applied for the third time as an bottom liner at yet another new landfill section of over 25,000 m2 surface area.

Perfect triptych

The bottom lining, the intermediate seal and the top cover with Trisoplast carried out in 2018 together form a perfect triptych. Optimal protection of soil, air and ground and surface water.


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